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Thread: Awesome Server! ( :( banned )

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    Default Awesome Server! ( :( banned )

    Hi, My Names Moeen, From the United Kingdom (london) I don't know if this is the right place to protest my ban if it is not i apologize,

    Please Un-ban me, I got banned because it says i was crashing the server and i was using some sort of proxy from the UK and Korea????????, i have been playing on this server for 2 months?, i dont understand!??!, After i fixed my Rates then two days after i got banned.

    My IP address:
    SERVER: Zombie N/U

    Please Un-ban me I'll make a small donation soon after that.

    Thanks in Advance
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    You can make a formal protest here

    n00bunlimited Bans



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    Ok, i have done that, i just hope someone will see to it ASAP and un-ban me

    thanks again

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    Seeing as how you are actually coming here and have gone to the ban site for that, I lifted your ban. You should be unbanned already. Please be sure to follow rules on the servers while your here, hf.

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