An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

- Fixed survival stats getting reported during demo playback
- Fixed response rules "campaign" criteria not recognizing DLC campaigns
- Enabled stats reporting for CS weapons
- Fixed some caption colors
- Updated Spanish translations
- Fixed talker typo
- Script Functions:
"ForceVersusStart" to force start the versus round.
"ForceSurvivalStart" to force start the survival round.
"ForceScavengeStart" to force start the scavenge round.
"QueueSpeak" (hEntity, szConcept, flDelay, szCriteria) to queue a speech concept
"RushVictim" (hVictim, flRange ) to force all common zombies in range to rush the victim. If hVictim isn't set, a random survivor will be chosen.