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Thread: Secret rooms and teleport portals

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    Default Secret rooms and teleport portals

    this is a tutorial how to make cs 1.6 maps secret rooms and teleports whit valve hammer. i have uploaded the hammer file and the map what was used in the video in filefont:
    hahalol.rar Download File on FileFront
    if you want more of my maps then there are all my maps uploaded in the my username in fpsbanana is hahalolest. there are many mistakes in this video because i am not expirienced whit that kind of videos.
    music used in this video by the order of playing:
    1. Blade Trinity Soundtrack - Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death
    2. Bullets and octane - Pirates
    3. DMX - The Rain
    4. cky-santa-claus-is-coming-to-town

    things in video:
    trigger_teleport - used to make a telepot site (need to name target whatever name you like(in the video it was test))
    info_teleport_destination - it is the destination of the previus command( i need to name it test, you name it same as you set the trigger_teleports target)
    func_door_rotating - this in need to be done whit orgin texture (wich you will find in zhlt.wad( dv.php -get it there)) and then you have to select the orgin texture block and the ohter block and use the func_door_rotating.

    if you need more help or futher guidence then my email is (name the topic: problems whit the tutorial.
    made by hahalolest


    sorry i needed to split the movie
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