Hey folks. Been away from n00bunilimted for a while but i decided to head back to the forums to give a little help. Been reading up on forums, my college interweb stuff and have 2 sites to help for people still a bit antsy on that conficker virus. If you can load both pages up you pretty good on not having the virus.

University of Bonn: Conficker Online Infection Indicator and

Conficker Eye Chart

One test is from the university of Bonn. don;t really know how they actually checking it but i know the second it pretty much putting jpegs of pics with certain objects that the conficker blocks such as trend micro logo etc etc. Hope this helps yall and puts to rest this douchebag virus.

On the side note, its been found that this virus was a big money scam. if left on computer long enough it turns into another antivirus program buy and lose your identity crap.