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Thread: Map Crashing Server?

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    Default Map Crashing Server?

    Hey guys, I need some help here, I'm stuck and don't know were to turn, you guys might not be able to answer this one but it doesn't hurt to try.

    I have made this map for my server(TF2), there are no problems in hammer and the compile log doesn't have any errors. But when we play the map, the server crashes after a little while. Console log doesn't stay anything, and I know It's the map because It doesn't crash on any other map.

    So, just asking If you guys could take a look at It, see If your expert eyes can decipher the problem at hand.

    Here Is all the stuff you might need to take a look at It

    Thanks for the help If you take a look at It, any information you gather would be awesome, thanks.
    I figured it out, I painstakingly looked at every little thing on the map, there were two function_respawnvisulizers with no dimensions at all in the air.
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