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Thread: Hey! Just a quick suggestion!

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    Default Hey! Just a quick suggestion!

    Hey all! Love your community!
    To start off, sorry, but i couldn't find a suggestions category on these forums!

    I noticed that n00b unlimited has already joined the css top 100 topsites, as well as some other topsites....

    As you may know, there are many other topsites listings out there...some of which are easier to get to the highest ranks on.
    If you get to the highest ranks on some smaller topsites, you will see far more traffic then being, say, 15th on a larger one.

    Might I suggest a small topsites list that still brings plenty of visitors to your website?

    This is the registration form for the topsites.
    I strongly suggest that n00b unlimited join this topsites, because seeing all the traffic your website has, your rank will surely skyrocket to number 1 immediately, then you can enjoy all the benefits of getting all the traffic from people who visit this topsites!


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    already done my friend, check underneath our main banner!

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    Just recommending one more!

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    Hey again!
    Just posting to let you all know that the krptkafe gaming topsites has upgraded to a new, faster server. So, now would be a great time if you would like to join! Unfortunately, the topsites were reset during this server change, but all old members will be rejoining in no time! So hop in now while you can!

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