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Thread: VIP Features on N00b Unlimited

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    Default VIP Features on N00b Unlimited

    Hello everyone!! As you have probably seen from the in-server announcements, and on the forums, N00b Unlimited is run solely off of donations to the community by players like you. N/U is a not-for-profit gaming community so we need YOUR help to help keep the community alive. If you make a contribution to N00b Unlimited of $10.00 or more then we will thank you for your support by giving you access to the VIP features on all of our servers.

    What do I get if I'm a VIP?
    Here is a breakdown by server of what features will be made available to you:

    Regular Office:
    - Custom VIP Skins
    - !M4A1 and !AK47 Command Access

    Dust 2:
    - Custom VIP Skins
    - !M4A1 and !AK47 Command Access

    Zombie Mod:
    - Custom VIP Skins
    - Propmenu Credits will be saved from map to map
    - Auto-Snipers Unrestricted on Weapons Menu
    - HE Grenade Unrestricted on Propmenu

    Office Unlimited:
    - Custom VIP Skins
    - !M4A1 and !AK47 Command Access

    If you make a donation to N/U for VIP please let us know so we can add you. Your best bet is to PM either me, Jackd, Enderless, or Pasties to alert us of your donation. We will get back to you ASAP and get you setup with VIP on all of our servers. More VIP features will be available in the near future as well so check back here for updates. If you want Zombie Mod access PM me or Enderless so we can set you up there.

    As always, thanks for your support to keep our community alive!!
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    this was a great idea IMO, gives ppl the chance to feel more apart of all that is N/U
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