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Thread: New to the Fourms? Need a Map? Here Ya Go!

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    Arrow New to the Fourms? Need a Map? Here Ya Go!

    Hello New Members of n00bunlimited this is NoogyMan! I see quite a bit of you coming to the fourms for reasons or because you love N/U and want to be better known. Well here is a map and Guide to help you better find what you need or where to post something you wish to post.

    w0rd Recruitment Form:

    You may either go to the Home Page of the n00bunlimited website, look to the list on the LEFT hand side of your screen and read down until you find w0rd Recruitment under which you can click on the link that says CS:S which will take you directly to the proper form you need to fill out.

    Have you had the dreaded BANHAMMER brought down on your life?

    Don't know why? Don't know how long? Or even by whom you've been banned by? Well what you need is the ban list. You will find the Ban List on the home page to the LEFT hand side of your screen.

    Once you've found the list look under Homepage. Once here read down until you find BanList Click on that and you'll find a list of the bans in order from the most recent dating backward in time.

    Once here you should locate your name, you can read to the left and see the REASON for which you were banned, for how long you were banned and who banned you. OR you can click on your name for further information on the SourceBans website.

    Been Wrongfully Banned? Need Someone Banned (Banning hackers you need a demo.)?

    Also located on the hompage on the LEFT hand side of your screen, and even still located under the Homepage tab you look below BanList and you can see Ban Appeal; which is for those of you who want to protest your ban, in other words you give a reason why you shouldn't have been banned. (NOTE: You will need a good reason why you should be unbanned and your STEAMID.
    Go to this link: n00bunlimited Bans

    After that you see Ban Request, this is for those of you who witnessed someone breaking a rule here at n00bunlimited. NOTE: For a successful ban request you will need proof of the person you want/need banned breaking a rule. (I.E. a Demo recorded showing him or her breaking the rule, the chat of them saying something wrong, and that persons STEAMID)
    Go to this link: n00bunlimited Bans

    New to the Website? Want to get to know people or want them to know you?

    Here is where you want to go to the FORUM section of the website. (Of course if your reading this you probably already know how but.... oh well...) You can go to the Homepage of the website to the LEFT hand side of your screen you'll see Homepage Under that you read and find Forums Click on that and you will be directed onto the forums. Find the correct section to make your post and click on the heading of that section. Than on the top of the list of old posts you will see the New Topic tab click on it and create your post.

    There are much much more. However, I'm not going to list everything you can find on this website. After knowing these general links and sections of the website you will eventually learn where everything is and what all you can do.

    This concludes the New Members Map of the n00bunlimited Website. If you have any questions, concerns, or still can't find anything here. Please feel free to contact me VIA:

    Website Private Message
    Steam: NoogyMan |w0rd|
    Xfire: noogyman
    AIM: Jmancaudill

    Just hit me up when I'm online and I'll gladly help you out with any problems you may be having.

    Have a Wonderful Day and Enjoy the servers,
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