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Thread: Abusive player

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    Exactly when did this all go down so I can check the server logs?

    Quote Originally Posted by death01 View Post
    Player EPX comes into the office server harassing players being very rude, abusive and obnoxious. I highly recommend he be perma banned im sick of his mouth and only played with him a handfull of times.

    Not fair to let him ruin other players fun, and make them not want to play on there favorite server.


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    I'm the king of fun trash talk. I am 30 years old, i live in louisville kentucky and have worked with and lived around (contruction workers/ steel workers) the most obnoxious assholes you couldn't even imagine. Some of the old farts i work with can turn a normal statement around on you in a heartbeat but its catchy and all in fun. Today efx was not joking around or having fun he was being a blatant asshole.

    I don't need anyone attempting to explain the difference to me.

    Also unless you have audio logs there will be no proof other than the majority of people in these forums agreed and knew exactly who i was talking about as soon as they read my post.

    On another note he seemed to lighten up after a bit and i had a lot of fun joking around with them all after the drama ended, i do not want anyone banned i love the server and i myself would hate to be banned, so i wish that on nobody. Maybe tell him to lighten up a bit on being a asshole when hes mad but, that's about it.

    Love you guys keep the peace and most importantly HAVE FUN !!! WOOHOO !!

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    and another good ending to another fun and eventfull thread.

    Thread closed.

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