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So heres my take on the whole topic. Basically here's what I think.

Css is not dying its become less popular however since the update
The office server has been dead lately (very disappointed)
Those who do not donate are not evil or don't care, some of us don't have the financial means to donate - personally I am donating as soon as my loan check comes in
We need a way to get all our regulars to populate the server at a given time, which is rough because basically between college and work and gf it's rough to run around and play cs. I try and check the forums every day at least several times a day. I really love this community and you guys are all amazing as are all the admins. They spend countless hours in addition to their jobs and family lives to support and run the servers that we play on. There has to be something we can all do to help out. Let's brainstorm, this isn't the end of CSS many of you are making it seem.

edit - Additionally, I am willing to help with anything to do with servers or networks, even user problems im willing to help with anything really and give as much time as possible to this amazing community
The second Jackd gets my donation i'll be a admin, and Jackd i plan to have a more efficent way to donate, I am now looking for a good credit card. "The Card right for you" if you may.

However the reason i am not playing now, is because my laptop fucked up, and if i play i will lagg the hell around.

However i hope that N/U starts looking up again. I will be glad to make a extra donation once in a while on top of my regular admin donations, just cause i love N/U so much.

Thanks: Kaley Fan