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Thread: 10th prestige hack lobby?

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    Default 10th prestige hack lobby?

    I want to get the last prestige but really, takes a very long time!

    if anyone can do this on ps3 mw2 10th prestige hack lobby or w.e it is Private message me ASAP :P

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    Just a word of advice. This community is AGAINST hacking in all forms, even if it's on an old game and something as pointless as a 'prestige hack.' Because Prestige doesn't do anything really. Just a different emblem.

    So I'm closing your thread for two reasons....

    1.) HACKING IS BAD....

    2.) HACKING IS BAD.... and even worse when it's over something as stupid as prestige.


    "HACKING IS BAD...." - The Noogy

    *** THREAD CLOSED ***
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