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Thread: Hey y'all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaley Fan View Post
    lol d-bo. time to raise the bar 300 kills and 1 death. lets go!
    yeah but mine had like 3 times the amount of people :P
    *DEAD* Mang0hN0 : tibs got this with his 9,000$ hax
    *DEAD* cypher : no wonder u play t bah...if i had walls id be 100-0
    word Noogyman: oh wow. don't go that far dude. We can't have another one quit.
    иα∂ιαٿ: hey sexy ass mother fucker.
    : *DEAD* .#sexy'| иα∂ιαٿ : you know whatt beast. just suck tibs dick and stfu
    wD. Who? : Nice toggling ABC.
    Philosoraptor : @admin check abc for possible walls
    blight - blackfogger @ EGC lan : 7getlegit

    *DEAD* Milkshakes00 : ^7 scares me so much I sneezed when i saw him.

    12-03-09 21:05 James Bond STEAM_0:0:9256230 Hacking Permanent siosios
    02-13-10 18:55 monkey STEAM_0:0:9256230 Multi-Hack Permanent awpsandknives

    nastialiukinnn. : nice peak, gtfo. really?
    ^7 : me ?
    nastialiukinnn. : yes you
    nastialiukinnn. : no one peaks that im sorry.
    nastialiukinnn. : turn them off.

    nastialiukinnn. : its obviously abc.
    nastialiukinnn. : and your bad
    nastialiukinnn. : cheats more.

    nastialiukinnn. : mmhmm
    nastialiukinnn. : removed for walls.
    nastialiukinnn. : cutie.

    ^7: ^7 : get mad much?
    nastialiukinnn. : not mad, your blantant.
    nastialiukinnn. : always.
    ^7 : then do something about it

    nastialiukinnn. : getout
    nastialiukinnn. : lmao im not mad kiddo
    nastialiukinnn. : 74-22
    ^7 : yeah you are
    [nastialiukinnn. : LOOOL^^
    nastialiukinnn. : naww
    bd69 : ya he is
    bd69 : hes raging

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    HAHA! That is hilarious! I think I just might have to set the bar a little higher this time. But you can only deal with buttholes accusing you of hacking for so long before they all start going after you like nubs. It is just too funny how mad folks get when you put up a kill streak like that. Good stuff mate!

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