Battlefield 3’s rolling out across the globe andwe’re excited about the great feedback we’re getting from critics and fansalike!

Along the way we’ve also been getting some questions aboutthe early access to expansion packs being made available to PlayStation 3 Battlefieldfans and what happened to the original idea of bundling Battlefield 1943.

After the buzz of the initial E3 press conference wore offand we started to collect feedback from the community, we realized that while Battlefield1943 is still a great game, most of our PS3 fans have already been playingit for years. We partnered with Sony to come up with a new opportunity thatallowed us to provide new content that all PlayStation fans can enjoy.

Thanks to Sony’s exclusive sponsorship, PS3 gamers will haveone week early access to Back to Karkand (included as part of Battlefield3’s Limited Edition) as well as future expansion packs. Looking at theteam’s progress, we’re very excited about how Back to Karkand is shapingup, and can’t wait to show you more. Stay tuned to Back to Karkand video and screenshots, coming soon!