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Thread: A few quick questions !

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    Default A few quick questions !

    1.What Video cards are you peoples using ??

    Reason: I maybe able to donate a new 9800GTX to some lucky soul....

    I bought 3 of them to run in a Tri-Sli setup. I opened them, Benched them and boxed them back up.

    2.What happened to Kirk ??

    I havent seen and posts from him in a few day now. "wierd"

    3.N/U tag, I would like to see it on more people.

    How to promote it??

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    Default usign a pci video card that barley runs css XD (out of curisotity what 9800gtx lol)
    2. and the rest not sure XD
    3.on teh gungame server lots of the people have the n/u tag i noticed not sure how to promote it though

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    ok heres my specs (please don't laugh) i have a pent4 2.80Ghz processor a geforce AGP 6800 GT vid card
    2 gigs of ddr ram and a 550 power supply and yes i know i need ta upgrade

    but i have already started i have a 775 socket asus nither board not sur of specs a have 2 gig of ddr2 ram and keeping my power supply so basicly all i need is a new video card and a new duo core processor so please consider me so i can get one more step to a full upgrade

    thanks kami


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