\com_maxfps 125
The main one is having your maxfps set to 125, for some reason having 125fps makes you jump a little further and higher. I have no idea why or how but youve gotta have ur fps on 125 for strafe jumping.

\cg_drawlagometer 1
shows a graph of your connection to the server, the green line is the time it takes for each packet to reach the server. youll notice the green line is jagged, thats basically a visual representation of your lead distance.

\cl_maxpackets 30 (30 is default)
rasing your maxpackets increasdes the amout of packets you send, youll notice your green line will become a solid line when youve got the packets right, though it does send your ping up a little. It gives you the best rego and keeps your lead distance in the same.

most people have maxpackets 100 or an integer of their fps, ie fps 125 maxpackets 63 (this is what battlefield needs, i hate the lottery rego that game has). Note: for those of us in WA adding to the lag we suffer in COD is more detrimental then it is for the easterner so its something youve really gotta weigh up as to whether the sacrifice is worth it. For everyone else, its rare to find someone who is pro at cod who doesn't use 100. I can think of only 2 or 3 that I know of atm who use anything less then 100)

/com_hunkmegs 512
If youve got more then 1gig of ram its good to increase the default hunkmegs setting which is only 160mb which is for people who might have shitty computers. It will make the map loading times quicker.

/sensitivity 2.356 (your value obviously)
A much better way to set the sensitivity to how you like it then in the menu. You can also have multiple sensitivity settings which can be bound to different keys which a lot of people like to do. They will have one low sens for rifling and a faster one for spamming which you can just flick back and forth from.

To bind a command to a key

/bind (command) (key) (value)
eg. /bind name W ^6S^7cha^6p^7e^6ll^7e^6C^7orn^6y
/bind A name -^1R^7i^1F^7-^1L^7o^1k^7i
so with them bound my name would flash between the two in game, except in S&D where settings like that only take effect after each round. You can make a script whcih can make your name do some little animation at the end of each map like this if you're really keen. Some servers, such as S&D ones it wont work on though, not to mention some servers don' appreciate it because they're uptight pricks lol

/r_gamma (1 is default use decimels to raise it gradually)
something everyone does on COD to eliminate the possibility of not seeing someone in dark areas of the maps.

/snaps 30
Increases the rate at which PB can take snapshots of you which is one of the games standard tweaks, it can lower your ping by as much as an average of 10ms and is generally agreed that it improves rego. (Doesnt work in vcod though unless the server is set to 30)

Colour code
For call of duty, to change the name of the letters in your name or for ingame chat you do the following before each letter;

^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Yellow
^4 Dark Blue
^5 Light Blue
^6 Purple
^7 White
^8 Varies depending on the map
^9 Grey
^^0 Black

Note: you must do two ^^ before the zero for it to work which sucks because it will show one of the ^ in the text

When changing your name always do it in console because it allows for a longer string then if you do it in the main menu.