Today we are releasing the next version of IPFire for testing: IPFire 2.29 - Core Update 184. It comes with a number of improvements all around the system and a lot of package updates. This change log reads a lot more compact than our usual release, but nevertheless give this update a good test and report any found issues back to the development team. If you would like to support us financially, please help us with a donation.

  • Intrusion Prevention System: Suricata has been updated to version 6.0.16 which fixes a number of vulnerabilities
  • It is now possible to individually enable logging for packets from and to hostile networks. This allows for easier monitoring of compromised systems on the local network without a lot of noise from portscans and similar things from the Internet. They are also graphed individually in the firewall hits graph.
  • A bug has been fixed in the installer: The process now fails if the boot loader could not be installed, when before, the installation completed successfully but left a newly installed system unbootable.
  • Updated packages: acl 2.3.2, attr 2.5.2, bash 5.2.26, dhcpcd 10.0.6, diffutils 3.10, dmidecode 3.5, ed 1.20, expat 2.6.0 (CVE-2023-52425, CVE-2023-52426), file 5.45, fmt 10.2.1, gettext 0.22.4, GnuTLS 3.8.3 (CVE-2024-0553, CVE-2024-0567), help2man 1.49.3, iana-etc 20240125, iproute2 6.7.0, ipset 7.19, iputils 20240117, libhtp 0.5.46, libidn 1.42, libpng 1.6.41, libtalloc 2.4.1, libyang 2.1.148, lvm2 2.03.23, lzip 1.24, memtest86+ 7.0.0, PAM 1.6.0, pixman 43.0, poppler 24.01.0, readline 8.2.10, shadow 4.14.3, SQLite 3.45.1, squid 6.7, suricata 6.0.16, vnstat 2.12, xz 5.4.6, zlib 1.3.1


  • Updated add-ons: bird 2.14, borgbackup 1.2.7 (CVE-2023-36811), FRR 9.1 (CVE-2023-47235, CVE-2023-47235), HAProxy 2.9.2, libvirt 10.0.0 (CVE-2023-3750), lshw B.02.00, mc 4.8.31, stunnel 5.71, transmission 4.0.5, VDR 2.6.6 + Plugins, wavemon 0.9.5
  • mympd is a new package which provides a web user interface to mpd